Why Moashk?

Moashk understands that you may not have time to focus on your retirement investment. Here we can help you with a range of professionally managed solutions that will ensure you of peace of mind with adequate security of your capital.


Retirement is one of the most important life events that many of us will ever experience. This is the stage in which we only have cash outflows. Despite only cash outflows, there are many myths about why I don’t need retirement planning like I am not too old, I will wait for a lump sum, I am having family or external support, I will not live that long or I won’t retire.

Why Do I Need A Pension Plan? Retirement is a stage that comes in every working individual’s life, which can give rise to apprehensions in terms of income and maintaining one’s lifestyle. Post-retirement, an individual’s source of income may no longer be there, forcing them to change their lifestyle. At such a time, a Pension Plan ensures that you continue receiving regular income after your retirement, once the regular work paychecks cease. After working for a major part of your life, retirement is a well-deserved time, during which you should enjoy life. A pension plan will help fund the activities remaining on your bucket list, while also allowing you to be financially independent.

Why you should go for Retirement Planning?
  • You don’t want to rely on the welfare system to finance your retirement years.
  • You want to have to live with your children just because you can’t afford your living expenses.
  • Saving in a tax-free account reduces your income taxes.
  • Saving in a tax-deferred account produces a compound effect on your return on investment.

Basically, retirement planning is essential to maintain your life living standard. It is a future assurance that you no longer need to worry and be dependent on your expenses like medical, and daily expenses when you permanently retire from your job.

We prepare retirement planning as per your retirement goals, current financial condition, and expected income after retirement while considering your current expense, resulting in your get predicts your retirement age or when to retire from your job. We provide advice regarding easy retirement and advice on your retirement planning when to retire.

Retirement planning gives suggestions on easy adjustment to expenses and financial needs post retirement, avoiding any dramatic change in your lifestyle post retirement from a job, availing significant tax benefits that you can get on your retirement pension plan account, and providing financial protection to the people dependent on you for any kind of financial support.