Why Moashk?

Moashk understands that you may not have time to focus on your retirement investment. Here we can help you with a range of professionally managed solutions that will ensure you peace of mind with adequate security of your capital.


It is a task that always comes as a priority for parents. Parents often wonder if they can get some help to prepare their children for college and the most important thing is to make sure they get into a good high school.

A Child education plan offers something interesting through which you will get the combined benefits of savings and protection. You can also create some wealth. The primary focus of the child education plan is to provide security to your child so that your child's education never gets hindered due to any unfortunate event in the future.

If you are planning for an MBA course from a top business school, the cost can be varying from Rs 5-8 lakhs. And if you are planning the same after 10 years from now you may need at least Rs 13-20 lakhs to start with (considering the present inflation rate). The cost amount is unbearable until you start planning for your child’s education today.

How does Child education planning secure your child’s future?
  • Maturity benefit to meet College Expenses
  • Partial withdrawals to enhance your child’s talent
  • Support for your child’s school fees
  • Facility to avoid Capital Erosion

There are two types of maturity benefits that you can choose in child plans. One can either go for a money-back option which offers a guaranteed payout every year after a few years or a lump sum payout at the end of the maturity of the policy.

The benefits of having an education plan for the short term and long term, it will act as collateral for loans for higher education, it can be income protection for the child, supports the child in the absence of Parent(s), and a kitty for medical treatment of the child.

We suggest a child education plan to your requirement, financial situation, and current & future income so that your child's education never gets hindered due to any unfortunate event.